Engineering Personal Home Page Construction Information

Procedures and guidelines for publishing your own Home Page that is automatically linked into the ECC web server are listed below.

Personal home pages are a service provide for faculty, staff and students in the College of Engineering at the University of Houston .  This is only a service, and it can be discontinued if it is abused.

Home Page Guidelines

Having a "personal" home page means that you will be able to create and maintain HyperText Markup Language (HTML) World-Wide Web documents which are available on a "Web server" for the world to browse.  The intent of these personal home pages is for you to create something which other people who browse the Web will find useful or interesting.

Web publishers are responsible for the content of the pages they publish and are expected to abide by the highest standards of quality and responsibility.  These responsibilities apply to all publishers, whether colleges, departments, student organizations, or individuals.  Publishers are also required to comply with all UH System rules, University policies, and state and federal laws concerning appropriate use of computers.

IMPORTANT!   Pornographic and/or offensive material and pages created for commercial purposes are strictly prohibited.  Any violation of this policy can result in this incident being brought before the Dean of Students and/or University of Houston legal entities for possible disciplinary action.   See the UH Computer Usage Guidelines and the Student Conduct Code for more information.

If you publish your home page on the ECC Web Server, then your home page must meet the following guidelines:


  1. This service is only available from your Engineering UNIX account.
  2. PHP scripting is supported.
  3. CGI scripting is not supported.

Before You Get Started, check out . . .

These sites provide great starting points for creating your home page: UT's HTML guide and The HTML Primer.

Creating Your Home Page

Creating a personal home page requires allowing anyone to access the top level of your home directory.  Make sure that you set the "permissions" on your files properly if you do not want others to access them.

To make your home page available for the web server, open a command-line shell (use ssh or the terminal application) and enter these commands:

  1. Create a directory in the root level of your account and call it public_html . You must use this name for the directory.

    Example: mkdir $HOME/public_html

    If your username is xxx11111, then

    mkdir ~xxx11111/public_html

  2. Set the permissions on the directory, all files within the directory public_html to world-readable and the root level of your account to world-executable . You execute the following sequence of commands from the shell:

    chmod o+x $HOME [add world execute to the top level of your account]

    chmod -R o+rx public_html [makes all files within public_html world-readable]

  3. Name your initial home page index.html.  The search script will only add the page $HOME/public_html/index.html.  UNIX is CASE SENSITIVE.  Do not name your page with upper-case letters; it must be named index.html (all lower-case letters).


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