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Engineering Repository Storage
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The College of Engineering and the Engineering Computing Center have established a storage area on the fileservers for users who need temporary and semi-permanent allocations of disk space above their normal disk quota.  This storage is only available to the UNIX systems (Compaq Tru64 UNIX and Sun Solaris) and is available to all engineering students, both undergraduate and graduate.

This storage space is located at the Repository mount points:

	/Net/hydra/engi_repos1		(ELEE, MECE)
	/Net/hydra/engi_repos2		(CHEE, CIVE, INDE)
Note that this space is not in your home directory!

Each department within the college has been allocated a fixed amount of this storage area based on its graduate student enrollment.  The departments may allocate their area based on requests from students within their department.  The departments can decide to grant access to the repository based on a number of criteria:

  1. Justification or need
  2. Amount of space requested
  3. Amount of space available in the department's area
  4. Duration of request

Requesting an allocation in the Repository:

To request an allocation in the Repository space, complete this form, which will then be automatically e-mailed to your Department Representative.  You must fill out all sections that are in bold.  The Department Representative will either grant or deny your allocation request based on the above listed criteria.  Some examples of justification are: The above are only examples of justifications.  It is up to the Department Representative to decide whether or not to grant an allocation request.

Once a decision is made on the request, you will receive e-mail with the result.  This usually takes between 2 to 5 business days.  Any incorrect or incomplete information will delay the decision!

Your Username: Your Name:

Your E-Mail Address: Phone:
Your Advisor:
Affiliation:   Undergraduate   Graduate   Faculty   Staff
Department: CHEE CIVE ECE INDE MECE ECC (for test purposes only)

Amount of Repository space requested (in Megs):

Please explain your need for additional storage space:

For how long do you need this additional storage?