The Engineering Computing Center

(Note:  Much of the information in this page is out-of-date;
however, until we can replace it with more current information,
it is still our best presentation on the ECC.)

The entrance to the ECC

During the course of an average day, hundreds of students pass through these doors to use computers in the ECC.  The ECC provides workstations running Windows XP, Red Hat Linux and Sun Solaris (plus some older legacy systems with Digital Tru64 UNIX).  These systems are all connected to the campus network, through which they can access other University systems, including various servers and mainframes, as well as the entire Internet.

A busy day at the ECC

One of the Windows NT rooms

This room consists of 30 Gateway2000 4DX2-66V computers. The computers in this room run Windows NT.

Another Windows NT room

This room consists of 30 Gateway2000 4DX2-66V computers running Windows NT.