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Elizabeth A. Kanashiro

E-mail: elizabethkanashiro@u.boisestate.edu

Phone: (208) 929-2164

I have 4 years of experience on hydrology and water resources engineering. I've participated in hydrologic, river hydraulic, mining and highway drainage, and feasibility studies, as well as environmental and social baseline studies for a wide array of projects. Currently, I am working on my M.S degree in Civil Engineering oriented to Hydraulic Engineering at Boise State University.

My research interests include unsteady flows and genetic algorithms and optimization methods for real-time control of topologically complex regulated river systems.

My personal interests include traveling, playing soccer, backpacking, camping, hiking, and pretty much any outdoor activity.

Specialized Softwares: Fluent, FLow-3D, HEC/HMS (hydrologic modeling), HEC/RAS (hydraulic modeling), Hydraccess, CropWat; SAMS, SIH (irrigation information system), Autocad and Autocad Land.









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