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Our main research interests are on the areas of single-phase transient flows, two-phase flows [violent geysers]), resilient approaches to flood control, optimal reservoir operation under uncertainty, sustainable stormwater management and modeling, real-time control of complex hydraulic systems, computational hydraulics (CFD ) and physical modeling of hydraulic structures. Please select the appropiate area below for the specific topic:

Hydraulic transients (single-phase flows)

Two-phase flows (Violent geysers)

Resilient approaches to flood control

Optimal reservoir operation under uncertainty 
Sustainable stormwater management and modeling

Real-time control of complex hydraulic systems

Computational hydraulics and physical modeling of hydraulic structures

For a list of our current and past projects, click here

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CFD of a canoe chute in Illinois
CFD of a Vortex Flow Restrictor used in Manholes to restrict flow discharge in Illinois
Water profile in the Calumet Combined sewer system simulated with the open source ITM model. Click here for the ITM software, and its user's manual
A typical pressure head trace obtained with the ITM model
CFD of a weir structure in a pumping station in Chicago
CFD of a pumping station and a drop-shaft in Chicago
CFD of two flap gates at the apron of a drop-shaft in Chicago

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