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Research group of Dr. Arturo S. Leon

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Research on computational hydraulics and physical modeling of hydraulic structures

Our research focuses on the numerical modeling (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and physical modeling (Laboratory) of a wide array of hydraulic structures, including fish passage structures, dams, flood gates, pumping stations, canoe chutes, turbines, energy dissipators, and multi-phase flows.

Our past research includes modeling of sedimentation (deposition of sediments by turbidity currents) in the Valenciano reservoir (Puerto Rico).  Dr. Leon also worked on application of CFD models for simulating fish passage at 11 dam sites in Illinois and for modeling two pumping stations in Chicago and their connecting structures that included spillways, chutes, tidal gates, channel diversions and dropshafts. Dr. Leon have also conducted experimental studies of various hydraulic structures including a vortex flow restrictor, dropshafts, remotely-controlled siphons and local scour in bridges. In addition, before his PhD studies Dr. Leon have worked for five years as a hydraulic engineer where he participated in the design and construction of a wide array of hydraulic structures, including water intakes, culverts, detention ponds, dams, spillways, sediment/erosion control structures, and bridge scour protection.

Our current laboratory experiments are performed at the newly built Hydraulics Research Facility (RHRF), which has been designed and funded by Dr. Leon. Currently Dr.Leon is the Director of this facility.

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