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Research on Resilient Approaches to Flood Control

My research on Resilient Approaches to Flood Control started in 2013. As part of this research, we are creating a framework (e.g., decision support system) that can allow the dynamic management of water storage in wetlands and shallow ponds to minimize flooding at the watershed scale. In this strategy water would be released from wetlands and ponds few days ahead of a rainfall that is forecasted to produce flooding. This strategy involves remotely-controlled siphons that don’t require electrical energy for their operation. The decision support system (DSS) combines modules of acquisition of real-time rainfall forecast, inundation modeling, robust optimization, estimation of damage losses and ecological and operational constraints. This DSS will control when to open and close hundreds or thousands of valves to release water from artificial wetlands and shallow ponds. One of the experimental tests of my remotely-controlled siphon can be seen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vK4mPXBOuE

For our current projects on Resilient Approaches to Flood Control click here.

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