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Research group of Dr. Arturo S. Leon

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Research on Optimal Reservoir Operation Under Uncertainty

As the demands of water for various uses increase, it becomes almost imperative that regulated river systems be optimally operated to meet the challenges posed by growing populations, a changing climate and shifting hydrologic conditions.

My research on reservoir operation started in 2011 and currently I am leading a multidisciplinary team (Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, Economics and Statistics) with the goal of developing a robust and computationally efficient framework for the short-term optimal control of multi-objective and multi-reservoir systems under uncertainty.  In pursuit of this goal, we developed novel and computationally efficient methodologies for fast hydraulic routing in river-reservoir networks, quantification and propagation of uncertainty and hybrid optimization (combining evolutionary algorithms and local search methods). Our work on reservoir operation is currently enabling to make real-time optimal decisions of water use in the Columbia River system that involves five States [OR, ID, WA, MT, CA] and Canada. Because of our success in this research project, we were just awarded another competitive grant [$1.2 million ($511,280 my share as Lead PI)] from the Department of Energy for developing a framework for quantification of risk and valuation of flexibility in the Federal Columbia River Power System (FCRPS). This three-year project just started in November 01 of 2015. The accurate quantification and valuation of flexibility will allow to maximize revenue while increasing the reliability of the operation of reservoirs in the FCRPS to meet the electricity demands in the Pacific North West.

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