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Research group of Dr. Arturo S. Leon

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Research on sustainable stormwater management and modeling

Our research in this area focuses on numerical modeling and laboratory/field studies with the aim of developing cost-effective solutions for designing, constructing, and maintaining sustainable stormwater management systems.

Within this area, I am working in green stormwater infrastructure (modeling and experimental work).  To support my research in this field, I helped in the design and funding of the new Green Stormwater Infrastructure Research Facility, of which I am a Co-Director. 

Within this area, in collaboration with Professor Leonardo Nania (Spain), I developed the Urban Flooding Model for simulating rainfall-runoff transformation, overland flows, street flows, curb-and-grate inlet flows and partial and full-pipe flows. This model was just applied to evaluate the risk of flooding in Chicago City (10.1061/(ASCE)HE.1943-5584.0001080).


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