River Hydraulics Research Facility (RHRF)

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The multipurpose River Hydraulics Research Facility (RHRF), an Oregon BEST Lab, features a recirculating system with the ability to test up to six simultaneous and independent experiments with flows up to 35 cfs (1000 L/s). The river facility consists of a 20 m (66 ft) x 10 m (33 ft) ) concrete platform for hosting hydraulic experiments, two independent head tanks (can be extended), a sediment catchment, a clean water sump, multiple pumps (variable and constant speed), and impulsion and return pipe lines. The river facility is ideal for the testing of river hydraulic structures and low head (< 15 ft) pressurized hydraulic structures. This facility can also be used for a wide range of research projects, including flood control, reservoir sedimentation, density currents, erosion and scour, aquatic habitat, stream restoration, fish passage and dam removal.

Overview video of River Hydraulics Research Facility Flumes available at River Hydraulics Research Facility Geyser Experiment










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