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Research group of Dr. Arturo S. Leon

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M.S and Ph.D. Research opportunities

We are continuously recruiting highly motivated and academically talented Ph.D. students. Candidates must have an excelent level on Mathematics and on programming (C++, Fortran). Furthermore, the candidates MUST HAVE a MINIMUM total Internet-based TOEFL score of 80 and a MINIMUM GRE score of 1100 (School minimum requirements). Students admitted have typically a GRE score higher than 1300. Admitted international students have TOEFL scores typically higher than 95-100. Full tuition and a competitive stipend is offered to admitted Ph.D. students.

For full consideration, please send a full CV to Dr. Arturo Leon (aleon3@uh.edu) in which the following must be included: list of publications, courses taken in mathematics and programming, and TOEFL (if applicable) and GRE scores, research interests and a contact telephone. Besides Ph.D. students, we are continuously recruiting academically talented M.S students.

Note for PhD Applicants

Exceptional PhD applicants who fulfill ALL of the following requirements are encouraged to apply.
1. GPA of 3.70 or better on last 90 hours of undergraduate coursework or a GPA of 3.80 or better on all coursework since the bachelor's degree.
2. GRE verbal percentile of 80% or better.
3. GRE quantitative percentile of 80% or better.
4. GRE analytical writing score of 5.0 or better.
5. has developed at least one piece of original, high‐impact scholarship or creative activity.
6. has obtained at least one prestigious award or honor.






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