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This course covers steady, uniform, and nonuniform flow in natural and artificial open channels; interaction of flow with river structures; and computational methods.

Course syllabus (Winter 2015)

Lecture Notes (2015)

Basic Principles

Specific Energy

Momentum Equation

Uniform Flow

Gradually Varied Flow

Hydraulic Structures


Tutorial 1: Tutorial on using HEC-GeoRAS 10.1 with ArcGIS 10.1 and HEC- RAS 4.1.0 for flood inundation mapping in Steady and Unsteady Flow Conditions

The data required for tutorial 1 is available HERE

Codes/Softwares of interest


Annel2 - Water Surface Profile in Circular and Trapezoidal channels in series [Matlab] (Arturo Leon)

Hcanales (Maximo Villon)

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