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July 1998

HOUSTON IIE NEWS July 1998 Vol. 20 No. 7

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August Meeting

We still have lots of free tickets for the August ballgame. For those of you who didnít catch whatís happening, here are the details.

The August meeting will be a Houston Astros game. We will have a sky box like last year. This allows us to move around and talk.

The first 24 chapter members to RSPV to Jim Peternel will get free tickets. Last year we ac-tually had a couple of tickets left over. Guests are $12. Food and soft drinks will be provided free by the chapter. See you there.

When: Wednesday, 26 August 98 7:05 PM Where: Houston Astrodome Confirm: Jim Peternel 713-743-4184 jpeterne@jetson.uh.edu


Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Supply Chain Management and Logistics have become a hot topic in the last couple of years, yet their seem to many different definitions on what they are. Recently, I found an article in the IIE Solutions September 1997 issue titled, "The managers guide to supply chain logistics..". The article presented and distinction between Supply Chain Management and Logistics.

Logistics can be defined as the management of moving either raw or finished materials from one place to another. Logistics encompasses transportation, distribution, warehousing, material handling, and inventory. I translate this as meaning the tracking and managing of inventory from the point that a vendor ships a product to the time it hits the merchandising stores.

This includes inbound traffic management, warehouse management, and outbound traffic management. Such tools as traffic management tools, warehouse labor management systems and inventory warehouse management systems are used to manage this "logistical" process. Logistics deal with issues related to non-manufacturing operational challenges from a companies business plan. Usually, Logistics deal with solving well defined problems, finding optimal solutions to existing problems.

The supply chain can be defined as the collection of all components and activities associated with the creation and delivery of a product or service. It encompasses logistics along with manufacturing. It looks at material flow from raw material acquisition through all value-added steps to customer delivery. Supply chain management work with with issues related to strategy. Supply chain analysis are concerned with what-if strategies which can develop into business opportunities.

Though their is a subtle difference it is a distinct one. A great number of Industrial Engineers are working in an area of the supply chain. Whether we are doing scheduling, work measurement/time studies, inventory management in a manufacturing warehouse, distribution center or corporate office, we make the supply chain work. IE's keep improving the weak links'.

I thought this article would be helpful, we (Houston Senior Chapter) will be sponsoring an expert on Supply Chain on September 15. Please RSVP for seat. Call or email me any comments.

Erick Jones

New Course Announcement

Dr. Miriam Heller, Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Houston will be offering a new graduate level course this fall. The course is titled Environmental Perspectives in Management and Engineering.

The objective of this course is provide engineering, business, law and economics graduate students with exposure to and insight into the issues of environmentally sustainable development that have become pervasive in industry and industrial practice today. The course will derive strength from not only interdisciplinary team teaching, but also from a student population representing numerous disciplines. In this course students will have the opportunity to apply what they've learned in a real world setting. Working with engineers from the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission, teams of students will perform Site Assistance Visits (SAVs) at designated companies to find cost effective ways to prevent pollution. The course details are:

- Lectures on Mondays and Wednesdays 5:30-7:00 or Wednesday 5:30-8:30 pm

- University Park Campus, Room D320-D3

- 6 Case Studies given as team homeworks with class discussions

- 2 Exams

- Guest Lecturers

- Site Assistance Visit

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