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Eta Kappa Nu
Epsilon Epsilon Chapter


What is HKN?

Eta KappaNu is an International Honor Society created for Electrical andComputer Engineers.  Approximately 200 chapters have beencreated throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. While most members are elected in their junior or senior ofundergraduate study, graduate students and professionals may alsojoin.  Eligibility, naturally, must depend on markedability, as evidenced by scholarship, personal character, usefulvoluntary services, and distinguished accomplishments, all ofwhich indicate that the candidate will be or is a success in hisor her profession.


The purposeof Eta Kappa Nu is not only to stimulate and award outstandingscholarship, but to also assist members throughout their lives inbecoming better professionals as well as better citizens. Members of HKN form an exemplary and constructive force, helpingfellow members and non-members alike to improve the standards ofthe profession, the courses of instruction, and the institutionswhere its chapters are established.

Activities and Services

Activities of local studentchapters may include providing tutoring sessions or other courserelated material, such as homework and exam solutions, to otherundergraduates, as well as events such as food or blood drivesand fun stuff like bowling and taking trips to nationalconventions.   While the events of local alumni chapters mayvary, both students and professionals are eligible for nationallysponsored awards such as Outstanding Electrical EngineeringSenior, Outstanding Professor, or Outstanding Chapter, all ofwhich are accompanied by an Award Dinner and possibly some othergift, including a trip to Disney Land!  A quarterly magazinekeeps members informed of upcoming attractions.

Requirements to Join

Now that you've heard so manygood things about Eta Kappa Nu, I'm sure you're wondering how tobecome a part of this distinguished group of people.  Inorder to join the Epsilon Epsilon chapter here at the Universityof Houston,

Ø      Juniors must have a GPA in the top quarter of their class.

Ø      Seniors must have a GPA in the top third of their class.

Ø      Graduate students must be in good standing with the college, have completed a semester at the University of Houston, and have a letter of recommendation by the Department Chair.

Ø      In addition, all initiates must attend the formal initiation and banquet.

For moreinformation about our chapter, you may contact us by email to (the easiestway), or you can drop us a note in the office which is located onthe third floor of the D-building (old engineerng building) roomN374.  For more general information, the national website is





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