Seminar Series
Fall 1997



September 19, 1997


11:00 am


Room 102D, Cullen College of Engineering


A Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) based framework for Electronics Manufacturing


Dr. Cecil Joe 

    Dr. Cecil Joe works at the Gulf Coast Technology Center, University of New Orleans. He holds a Ph.D in Industrial Engineering from Texas A&M University. His research interests include Planning and Control Issues in Electronics Manufacturing, Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM), CAD/CAM, Concurrent Engineering and Flexible Manufacturing (among others).


The focus of this seminar is the design of a conceptual framework for CIM based planning and control in Electronics Manufacturing. A hierarchical architecture is proposed comprising of system, cell and workstation levels. Goal Detection, Plan Generation, Plan Projection and Implementation are identified as key phases in both the cell level and workstation process planning activities. A multiple knowledge base planning approach is used to develop the cell level process plan. The placement planning issues related to the workstation level are addressed using heuristics and Artificial Neural Networks. The general concepts and approach developed in this research support CIM principles as well as rapid prototyping in electronics manufacturing.


All Are Welcome.  Refreshments will be served.