Seminar Series

Fall 1997


Date September 26, 1997
Time 11:00 am
Location Room 102D, Cullen College of Engineering
Topic Multimedia Interactive Bomb Threat Training Simulator
Speaker Dr. Christopher A. Chung 

Currently Dr. Chung is a professor in Industrial Engineering Department, University of Houston. He holds B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from Johns Hopkins University, M.S. and Ph.D in Industrial Engineering from University of Pittsburgh. His research interests include Engineering Management, Manufacturing Systems and Simulation.

Abstract This project is a 1996-1997 National Institute of Justice funded effort to help improve the nation's ability to respondto bomb threats. Improved bomb threat respone capacity can help reduce loss of productivity due to bomb threats and in the event of an actual device can help reduce casualtiesand property damage. The multimedia interactive simulator allows both low enforcement and civilian bomb threat class trainees to receive first hand orientation, training, and evaluation in responding to a variety of bomb threats. Because the simulator is computer based realistic training can be received which might not otherwise be possible due to time, cost, or operational considerations. The simulator is being developed in Authorware 4.0 for 32 bit IBM PC platforms running Window 95 or Window NT. The presenation will include a demonstration of the simulator.
Note All Are Welcome.  Refreshments will be served.