Seminar Series Fall 1997


Date October 31, 1997
Time 11:00 am
Location Room 102D, Cullen College of Engineering
Topic Early 20th Century Systems Engineering- Gearing Up for: The Great War
Speaker Edward Jablonski 

Mr. Jablonski has been an avid amateur historian for many years with a specific interest in the development and evolution of technology. He has also been a member of several local historical associations dedicated to the preservation of American and Texas history through "Living History" presentations in schools and public events.

Edward Jablonski is currently an engineer with the Houston office of the Dynacs Engineering Co., a Systems Integration Engineering and High Technology Corporation. He is a member of the Prime Contractor's Requirements Development Team, defining ground segment requirements and operational constraints that affect design for the International Space Station. Previously, Mr. Jablonski was an engineer for the Rockwell Space Operations Company in the Mission Operations Directorate planning the development of Systems Operation Data File procedures for Space Station Freedom. Earlier at JSC with RSOC, Ed supported the Office of the Director, Space Shuttle Program, by providing KSC Shuttle processing schedule analysis, launch package payload mix analysis, and near-term Manifest Options planning for NASA senior management. Mr. Jablonski also worked for several years in the Houston area as a chemical engineer and laboratory manager before joining the aerospace industry prior to the Shuttles Return-to-Flight program in 1988.

Edward Jablonski is also a member and a local chapter officer of The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), and of The International Council of Systems Engineers (INCOSE).

Abstract The first two decades of this century brought sweeping technological, social, and economic changes that rapidly transformed the world from a time of agrarian societies and of Royalty and the ruled, to the era of mass industrialization and democracy. This presentation will discuss some case studies of the methods used to produce the Zeppelins and Flying Machines, Landships and Dreadnought Battleships, railroads, railguns, and other technological achievements (and failures!) of the era.
Note All Are Welcome.  Refreshments will be served.