Seminar Series


Feb 27,1998


1:00 pm


Room W-122, Cullen College of Engineering


Maintenance Planning for the International Space Station


Dr.Bill Robbins

    Bill robbins served in the US army developing integrated logistics support requirements for the US Army Air Dense Artillery Center, conducting operational testing of the Patriot air defense system , and providing operational logistics support to air defense artillery field units. After leaving active duty , Mr. Robbins worked as a contractor to the NASA Mission Operations Directorate from 1990 to 1994. There, he developed onorbit maintenance concepts , plans and processes for space station console operations. In 1994, Mr Robbins joined the maintenance and resupply Team, responsible for the planning, scheduling and ensuring the successful execution of on orbit maintenance. Mr. robbins is a memberof the Society of Logistics Engineers


The planning, scheduling and execution of a maintenance program is a continuous process. The need for corrective maintenance is based on the functional impact of failures to operating systems.In a typical program, the supply and transportaion system for spares and consumablesneeded to perform maintenance includes frequent deliberies, often on a daily basis . In the International Space Station program,the transportation system is extremely restrictive. The schedule for shuttle launches, and the associted mainfest, is rigidly controlled, and comparativly inflexible. This becomes an overwhelming factor in planning and scheduling maintenance. Planning for the expected maintenance demands of the space staionhas been prograssing for several years, and has recently been significantly advanced in meeting unique needs of the five year assembly phase. Meeting the maintenance challenge is indispensable to providing effective support of space station.


All Are Welcome.  Refreshments will be served.