Seminar Series


Feb 27,1998


10:00 am


102-D, Cullen College of Engineering


Towards Proactive Manufacturing


Dr.Ward Dalley

    Dr Ward Dalley conducts workshops using the Manufacturing Game as a tool for learning about organizational change, especially for helping manufacturing plants improve the reliability of equipment and processes. Clients include major chemical and oil companies. Ward has twenty-five years of experience in manufacturing with Dupont. Ward has also in recent years begun to activate a long dormant interest and curiosity in native americans and other indigenous people. This manifests itself primarily through leading summer youth mission projects in the methodist indian mission conference in Oklahoma and a growing involvment with the learning way company, where he is director of corporate outreach. Dr.Ward is a 1969 Graduate from Univerity of Texas with a BS in Chemical Engineering


As many organizations are buying into the premise of becoming learning organizations, it is important to consider that learning occurs when three elements are in place: A new idea is put into physical action in an appropriate emotional environment

A relatively new idea is that maintenance is aprocess of defect management, and thus a worthy goal of manufacturing organizations is eliminating defects in equipemnt. this is an extension of the process and product quality effort of the last decade. We have identified five sources of defects in equipment; Organizations who have worked to systematically identify and eliminate all five sources have seen dramatic improvemnet in equipment reliability.

In pursuing this goal of defect elimination, we have used an action team process. Cross function teams, representing all the five defect sources as well as needed skill areas, have worked remarkably well. These teams insist on short term results through 90 day action plans, while staying focussed on long term improvement.

Neither of the above works very well or for very long , unless there is an appropriate emotional environment nurturing the human processes. Critical to this is some new value that is being pursued with some amount of passion and reasonable certainity of success. We have had excellent success using a business simulator called the Manufacturing Game to create this useful emotional space. People typically come away from the game experience energized, and with a dynamic experience that guides a strong desire to work together to make the required improvements.


All Are Welcome.  Refreshments will be served.