Seminar Series


Mar 13,1998


11:30 am


E-218 , Cullen College of Engineering


What is OPT and how does it work?


Dr.Charles Dalton

    Dr. Charles Dalton is an Associate Dean for Graduate Programs at Cullen College of Engineering, Univeristy of Houston. Dr. Dalton conducts seminars all round the year to update and inform the students of Cullen College of Engineering about the University Policies.Dr Dalton also Conducts seminar on 'How to write Thesis and dissertation'.


Every year, a major number of students plan graduate at the end of Spring Semester. To be on a legal status, there are quite a few things that an International Graduate Student should consider and plan well before graduating from the college. OPT is one such an issue. Optional Practical Training gives the students an opportunity to work in the industry and gain experience from it.

Some of the Questions that will be addressed during this presentation:
1) Who is eligible to apply for OPT ?
2) Where does one need to apply for OPT?
3) How many months prior to the graduation does one need to apply for OPT?


All Are Welcome.  Refreshments will be served.