Seminar Series


April 17,1998


10:00 am


102D , Cullen College of Engineering


Quality Concepts in the 21st Century


Dr.Jack Cohen has an extensive background in engineering and maintenance Engineering

He is a Grdauate from School of Aeronautics and Astronautics, purdue Univerisity. He is a registered Professional Engineer in indiana and texas

Mr Cohen served as a Quality Control Engineer at the Southward Division of the Stuart-Warner Corporation. He has worked in many capacities, as a Design Engineer, Senior Project Engineer, Project Manager, Office Manager, as director for a major Fortune 500 corporation and as a Principal Consultant to CEO's and Senior Staffs of Large, Medium and Small companies.

After leaving NASA jack has worked as a Consultant,Lecturer and Teacher for the American Society for Quality, ASQ certification courses.

Mr. Jack recieved the American Society for Quality(ASQ)Fellow award in 1993, an award given to few members for contributions to the society world wide. and has held many positions, as a chairman, education examining chairs and as the perennial Proctor for the National Certification Examinations for the ASQ Greator Houston Section.

Jack served with the Federal Aviation Administration(FAA),the department of defense (DOD) and NASA with over 35 years of distinguished government service. He has actively conrtibuted to the Aircraft and helicopter Crash Fire Protection Programs which eventually resulted in the seperation of the propulsion systems from the ffuel sources and with NASA on the liquid hydrogen rocket engine technology and with the centaur, Apollo, Apollo-Soyuz, Space Shuttle and Space Station NASA Programs.

Mr Jack was recently elected 'President Elect' of ECH(The Engineering , Scientific and Techinical Council of Houston), After serving on the council for over 30 years.ECH is a council with approximately 150 Professional, Techinical, and Scientific member Socities serving the Greator Houston Area. ECH celebrated its 50th Anniversary last yearEngineering fair. one of the Worlds most active and prestigious Science Fairs.


The presentation includes a potrayal of the Quality Progress in the United States from the early 20th century to pre and post world war II periods, through the japanese recovery period after WorldWar II, and the current Introduction of International Quality Standards by the organization for Industrial Standardization referred to as ISO which was introduced in 1987 and has gained momemtum and acceptance throughout the world including the United States.

A discussion of "What lessons laerned from history is provided" for us into the next Mellenium and the 21st Century?

Dr. Cohen will discuss the American Society for Quality (ASQ) which established it's roots shortly after World War II in 1946 largely through the dedicated efforts of a few good individuals like Dr. Shewart and Edwards of the Bell laboratories, Dr.Joesph Juran, of the war department, General Simon of the US Army , and others.

There will be discussion on what may happen during the millenium and the next century in the fascinating world of Quality


All Are Welcome.  Refreshments will be served.