Jingshen Liu


University of Houston

Aug 2013 - Present

Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering — 3.945 GPA

Selected Courses: GPU Programming, Microprocessors, Stochastic Process, Digital Signal Processing, Numerical Method in Electromagnetics, CMOS Analog Circuit Design, RF Circuit Design, Advanced Electromagnetics, Antenna Engineering, Microwave Engineering

Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Sep 2009 - June 2013

B.S., Electronic and Information Engineering — 84.8 GPA

Thesis: Application of Partial Element Equivalent Circuit to PCB Crosstalk

Selected Courses: C++ Language Programming, Java Language Programming, Data Structure, Operating System, Informatics and Coding, Computer Network and Application, Embedded System Design, Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition


Keysight Technologies

Software Engineering Intern

May 2017 - Aug 2017

    Designed and implemented a new encoded DDR source module for transient simulation from scratch

  • • Worked on both back-end simulator model with C++ and front-end UI design using AEL
  • • Built the module as a dynamically linked model
  • • Finished user documentation and test cases for quality assurance team

    Investigated on an algorithm to combine the encoding method with statistical DDR simulation

  • • Derived and Monte-Carlo verified statistical properties of the encoding method
  • • Proposed a method to combine the encoding method with statistical simulation without extra computational cost

University of Houston

Research Assistant

Aug 2013 - Present

    Developed Toolboxes for electromagnetics simulation software

  • • Developed a Matlab program to migrate complex human model to HFSS software by reverse engineering the format of the human model file and HFSS file
  • • Developed a python platform for simulation automation. Reduced the simulation setup time from hours to minutes

    Designed and built software and hardware systems for anechoic chamber from scratch

  • • Developed a program to implement automatic VNA calibration and measurement in Labview
  • • Designed a hardware system using Arduino micro-controller, programmable power supply, BJT amplifier
  • • Reverse engineered the control interface of the anechoic chamber
  • • Implemented serial and parallel communications between the micro-controller and VNA

    Designed and built an automatic RF field scan system from scratch

  • • Designed and built a linear motion system from parts
  • • Designed and built an automatic measurement system using VNA, Labview, micro-controller, stepper motor
  • • The system was purchased by multiple major medical device companies

    Antenna Design, simulation, fabrication, and measurement

  • • 2.4GHz miniaturized microstrip antenna, spherical helix antenna on a 3D curvilinear surface, moisture-triggered dissolvable meandering antenna, 2.4GHz transparent microstrip antenna
  • • Extensive python scripting to optimize antenna design process
  • • Antenna fabrication in house using toner transfer etching method, or work closely with mechanical engineering team
  • • Measured antenna reflection coefficient using VNA and radiation pattern in anechoic chamber
  • • Performed tuning and RF debugging on a fabricated antenna

    Performed RF measurements on active and passive electronic devices

  • • Measured and evaluated RF compatibility for electronic devices using VNA, spectrum analyzer, oscilloscope, field probe
  • • Measured dielectric constants for EM absorbers and biomedical materials

University of Houston

Teaching Assistant

Aug 2013 - June 2015

    Teaching assistant of the course microprocessor systems

    Instructed microprocessor programming, debugged C and assembly programs on a Freescale HCS12 platform

Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Research Assistant

June 2012 - June 2013

    Performed research on an electromagnetic compatibility project as a group leader

    Built a programmable remote control on a Microchip PIC16 platform

    Front-end and back-end development of commercial websites using ASP.NET/C#, SQL Server, HTML, CSS


Software Programming

C++, C#, Java, Python, Matlab, Labview, Assembly, Git

Hardware Engineering

Freescale HCS12, Microchip PIC16, Arduino, Raspberry Pi

Circuit Design

Keysight ADS, Cadence Virtuoso, OrCAD/PSpice, Eagle


EM simulation (HFSS, CST, SEMCAD), Transmission line, Antenna

Electrical Measurement

RF Testing (Network analyzer, Oscilloscope, Spectrum analyzer, Signal generator, Field probe etc.), RF tuning and debugging, Anechoic chamber measurement

Modeling and fabrication

AutoCAD, 3D print, Laser cut

Jingshen Liu — j.liu.engr@gmail.com — (713) - 303-5406