College and University Level Use

Here is how I successfully used Plain Talk About Drinking water in my undergraduate and graduate classes.  The book is required reading, and at the beginning of each class I pick name at random from the class rolls and ask the student to select a question s/he would like to discuss. Then the class and I talk about that aspect of water supply for about five minutes. This starts the class on an informal and interactive note and seems to encourage class participation later in the period. In my anonymous end of term student surveys, the students comment favorably on this practice.

"... I also took the 'question from the class' approach. I found it a nice was to begin class, especially early in the semester.... I've enjoyed the book, and will use it again."

Dr. William Ball
The Johns Hopkins University


"My students (32) had a lot of fun with your book. It was a good way to introduce an element of informality at the start of the semester that seemed to relax the students and provided a way to have a little fun before each class." I followed your suggestions about how to use the book and they worked well. I am using your book again this semester with what appears to be a larger class."

Dr. Robert Hoehn
Virginia Tech