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Jeremy C. Palmer

Assistant Professor

Molecular simulation &

statistical mechanics

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Jennifer Bernard

Undergraduate Researcher

Dynamics of confined glasses




Group Alumni


Undergraduate Researchers

Jose Sachango

Macy Samz

Katherine Stewart


Minh Vo

Postdoctoral Associate

Particle transport

in confined media

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Renjie Chen

Ph.D. Candidate

Particle transport in

polymer matrices

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Ryan Roberts

Ph.D. Candidate

Simulation & experiment of colloidal glasses

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Ankur Agarwal

Ph.D. Candidate

Computational design of zeolite catalysts

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Deepak Mangal

Ph.D. Candidate

Enhanced particle separation using depletants

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Jingxiang Guo

Ph.D. Candidate

Crystal nucleation

with rare-event methods

 jguo10 at

R. John Clark

Ph.D. Candidate

Crystal design with

growth modifiers

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Resources (Under construction)

  • Hybrid Monte Carlo with LAMMPS - python script for performing hybrid Monte Carlo simulations in the isothermal-isobaric ensemble with LAMMPS.  Details of the code will be documented in a forthcoming publication. Example inputfiles and validation tests will also be included shortly.  We will also release a version of the code to perform umbrella sampling.
  • Hybrid Monte Carlo code for rigid bodies - fortran code (hosted at Princeton) to perform hybrid Monte Carlo simulations of rigid bodies using a quaternion based molecular dynamics integrator.  The example inputs can be used to reproduce the free energy surfaces for ST2 water model reported in Ref. 21.


  • Computing resources:


    NSF MRI Cluster @ UH