Group's High Performance Computing Equipment

Rocks-based Linux cluster with Xeon Quad-core processors delivering 216 processing cores with 688 GB of aggregate RAM and over 2.5 TB of RAID disk storage. The cluster utilizes MPI over a private Gigabit LAN. Support is provided by specialists at the Engineering Computing Center at Cullen College of Engineering. The University of Houston Research Computing Center hosts the equipment offering uninterrupted cooling and power.

Molecular Thermodynamics and Modeling of Materials 

Additional Resources


UH Research Computing Center

We have access to RCC's shared large-scale computational resources; among them, the Maxwell cluster offers more than 1,000 cores in a series of Sun X2200 and Sun X4600 servers equipped with a combination of gigabit and infiniband networking. During Fall '09, we received a generous allocation of CPU time, performing daily parallel computations over hundreds of processors.


IBM Rice BlueBioU Computing Core

We are one of the research teams awarded access and CPU time to the new IBM supercomputing architecture within the BioScience Research Collaborative Project at Rice University. We are currently adapting our algorithms for optimal performance using the emerging technologies introduced by IBM's POWER7 architecture.