picture Isaak A. Kunin
Professor Emeritus
Mechanical Engineering
University of Houston
Houston, TX 77204-4006
Email : kunin AT uh.edu


M.S. (1952)
Polytechnical Institute, Leningrad, USSR
Ph.D. (1958) Polytechnical Institute, Leningrad, USSR
Doctor of Sciences (1968) Academy of Sciences, USSR

Professional Experience

Professor Emeritus, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Houston
1979-2003 Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Houston
Professor, Chairman, Department of Mathematics, Electrotechnical Institute, Novosibirsk, USSR
1963-1974  Professor, Chairman, Department of Theoretical Physics, Institute of Thermophysics, the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Novosibirsk, USSR
1956-1963 Senior Scientist, Department of Applied Mathematics, Mining Institute, the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Novosibirsk, USSR
1952-1956 Engineer, Head of Mechanical Analysis Division, Turbogenerator Factory,Novosibirsk, USSR

Fields of Research

Mechanics of solids and fluids linear and nonlinear elasticity, media with microstructure and continuously changing topology, theory of dislocations, gauge theory of materials and microdefects, waves in solids and fluids, hydrodynamical theory of lubrication, vortex dynamics.
Physics of solids crystal lattice dynamics, point defects, dislocations, disclinations, cracks.
Electrodynamics electromagnetic fields in media, non-destructive testing, life-time prediction.
Mathematical physics group deformations, space-time quantizations, gauge theory, differential geometry, nonlinear waves, boundary value and variational problems, discrete mathematics.
Dynamical systems chaos, complexity, G-moving frames, optimal gauging, order in chaos, Kolmogorov complexity and algorithms, discretization, physics of chaos, optimal control


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