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I was born in Ardebil, a beautiful city in North-West of Iran. I finished my primary and high school in my hometown. My tendency toward Physics and Mathematics inspired me to look for a career as an engineer when I was at high school. Through many discussions with engineers in different areas, I got that Electrical Engineering would be the best major for me. In my undergraduate studies, I was a student of electrical engineering in Transmission and Distribution systems. Meanwhile, I joined to students committee of electrical engineering where I was able to attain more social skills, be more mature in group activities, and learn more about the mutual relation of university and industry, and in fact, it opened a new way in my scientific life. In the last year of my B.S. studies, I was working in power system laboratory to attain scholarship. Attendance in this lab was undoubtedly the first real experiences of my academic life which helped me to find out what my interest area is. It also helped me to be familiar with various softwares such as MATLAB, DIGSILENT and, PSCAD. Moreover, I visited several Power System Control Centers such as National Dispatching Center of Iran. These experiences provided me with a higher ken of Power systems and also revived more interest in me. As a result, I decided to choose my final course project about Power System Transmission Planning. After My Undergraduate study I found myself in a pool of unsolved questions and new ideas about Power Electrical Engineering. So, to solve my conceptual questions, I decided to continue my research and studies in Power Electrical as a M.Sc. student. This new academic position helped me to learn more widely about the different concepts in power electrical engineering. In 2010, I was accepted as PhD candidate in “university of Houston” and I am with Power System and Control group for about a year. I work under the supervision of Dr. Han, on Smart Grids. We have a wonderful group.
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University of Houston
Department of ECE
4800 Calhoun Road, Hoston, TX, 77204
Phone: 1(281) 352 1119
E-mail: mesmalif@mail.uh.edu
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