Plasma Processing Laboratory group members (LHS to RHS): Lei Liu, Shyam Sridhar, Weiye Zhu, Prof. Vincent M. Donnelly, Prof. Demetre Economou, Carol Chen, Siyuan Tien, Dr. Jay A. Mucha, Ashutosh Srivasta, Dr. Paola Diomede, Dr. Erdinc Karakas


Our research interests are mainly in the field of semiconductor device materials processing, and in particular plasma processing. In the semiconductor industry, plasmas are widely used to deposit and etch thin films in integrated circuits. In this regard, plasmas have played and will continue to play a major role in the continuing nano-technology revolution in electronic devices. Micro-plasmas are also increasingly finding applications in such diverse areas as high-resolution displays and bioengineering. In the plasma etching process, bombardment by positive ions normal to the wafer surface allows fine-line patterns to be transferred into thin films on the wafer surface, making it possible to fabricate integrated circuits with device dimensions of only a few hundred atoms. Such precise control of this pattern transfer process has been realized through advances in our understanding of the underlying plasma physics and chemistry, made possible through a combination of plasma experiments and modeling. Nonetheless, the lack of a more thorough understanding of the process, and especially the need for applicable diagnostic techniques, continue to hamper our ability to extend this process to ever smaller, nanometer-scale features. Our group is also interested in using plasmas in new ways.


04.27.2012: Our latest article titled "Ion energy distributions, electron temperatures, and electron densities in Ar, Kr, and Xe pulsed discharges" is now online to view: .
Prof. Demetre Economou won the 2012 Abraham E. Dukler Distinguished Engineering Faculty Award of the UH Alumni Engineering Association see
04.02.2012: Mission accomplished: Our Tokyo Electron Engineer, Yoshio Susa, is returning to Japan. We all will miss him.
03.29.2012: Congratulations to Rohit Khare for passing his defense exam. Rohit is now a Ph.D. and will be joining in Lam Research soon.
03.28.2012: Our latest article titled "Surprising importance of photo-assisted etching of silicon in chlorine-containing plasmas" is highligted on JVST A:
01.10.2012: Welcome to new Ph.D students: Shyam Sridhar and Liu Lei.
11.15.2011: Dr. Erdinc Karakas will serve as guest editor for a special issue of IEEE Trans. on Plasma Sci. on atmosperic pressure plasma jets.
11.02.2011: Prof. Vincent M. Donnelly has been named as a recipient of John A. Thornton Award in 58th AVS meeting
07.15.2011: Prof. Donnelly's critical review titled "Plasma-surface reactions and the spinning-wall method" is highlighted on JVST A: