Hanadi S. Rifai, Ph.D., P.E.


Rifai Research Team

Pictured l-r: Rose Sobel, Brandon Georgetown, Tiffany Schmidt, Dr. Hanadi Rifai, Elliott Landon, Maria Modelska, Brad Beless, Taft Tucker, Catherine Santos, Nathan Howell, Aparna Balasubramani, Dan Burleson, Emily Sappington. Not pictured: Cagla Akat.

Aparna Balasubramani
Ph.D. Candidate, Environmental Engineering
Aparna is investigating PCB and dioxin contamination levels in Texas with the goal to eventually develop extensive in situ sediment remediation strategies for effective management of the contaminated sites.

Adithya Govindarajan
PhD Candidate, Environmental Engineering


Amin Kiaghadi
PhD Candidate, Environmental Engineering
Amin is currently working on several publications and is undertaking research both in the laboratory and in numerical modeling and simulations. His research focuses on water quality modeling, water-energy nexus, geothermal energy, modeling contaminant transport during hurricane events, and possible solutions for the remediation of heavy metals from water and sediment.

Emily Sappington
PhD Candidate, Environmental Engineering

Rose Sobel
PhD Candidate, Environmental Engineering

Graduates of Rifai Research Group include:

Dan Burleson July 2015
Nathan Howell July 2012
Anu Desai December 2010
Tina Petersen Aug 2006
Oscar Correa May 2006
Meng Ling Sept. 2003
Loren Hopkins May 1998

Taylour Burton April 2015
Bradley Beless July 2013

Tiffany Swann Schmidt 2013
Taft Tucker July 2012
Jaejin Kim July 2011
Bora Turan July 2011
Emil Helfer May 2011
Megan Hochstedler May 2011
Norma Moreno August 2010
Lisa Grecho May 2010
Yaa Amoah Aug 2009
Fouad Khan Dec 2007
Gian Villareal Dec 2006
Tricia Rittaler Aug 2005
Yeoson Choi Aug 2005
Sarah Hausman Mar 2005
Ashish Bagga Aug 2003
Tina Peterson May 2003
Gretchen Shorr Feb 2003
Paul LaWare Dec 2001
Fariba Mehdizadeh May 2001
Charelle Webb Dec 2000
Monica Suarez Feb 2000
Mike Morrow Dec 1999
Suzanne Brock June 1998
Kevin Appling May 1996

Postdoctoral Researchers
Nathan Howell 2012 - 2013
Anu Desai 2010 - 2011
Divagar Lakshmanan 2007 – 2012
Stephanie Fiorenza 2002-2003
Loren Hopkins 2002-2004