The Origin of Shasta

In 1927 when coach John R. Bender came to the University of Houston from the Washington State Cougars, he decided to take the name with him. Eventually the name caught on and in 1946, the Univeristy of Houston's official mascot became the cougar. In 1947, Alpha Phi Omega raised funds to purchase a live cougar. A contest was opened to name the Cougar. Student Joe Randol won with the name Shasta.

"Shasta (she has to). Shasta have a cage, Shasta have a keeper, Shasta have a winning ball club, Shasta have the best."

Design Abstract

The project is to design a robotic cougar head resembling Shasta, the Unveristy of Houston's mascot. The robotic head will have full motion capability, motion tracking capability and mathematic capability.

Software used

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