(Very) brief bio...

I was born and raised in Puerto de la Cruz, in the Canary Islands (picture below). I lived there for 17 years, and then moved to Sevilla to pursue a degreee in Aerospace Engineering. After the classical Erasmus year, where I obtained a double degree in Aerospace Dynamics in Cranfield (UK), and a six month internship in Madrid (Spain) I ended up in the University of Twente in Enschede where I stayed for four and a half years while completing my PhD in fluid mechanics. The last step of my life was crossing the ocean and moving to (near) Boston, after a brief post-doc at Harvard University, I went down south to start teaching in Houston University.

Puerto de la Cruz

After work... Hobbies and other interests

I have always been interested in politics and philosophy. Recently I also started a part-time degree in Philosophy in the Spanish National University of Distance Education (UNED), which I hope to finish by 2020. I also read a lot, and have a not-very-updated Goodreads page.

Aside from the world of words, one of my passtimes is juggling, either giving improvised beginners lessons everywhere or sometimes playing with fire... I also play bass guitar, and enjoy surfing and windsurfing. And all my spare money is spent travelling the Earth.

Fire small

Picture of Puerto de la Cruz taken from Wikimedia commons. The fire juggling picture is by S. Huisman.