This page is mainly about my research interests since the beginning of my PhD in Twente. I also have worked on other things during my life.

I have separated out the research areas into separate pages for easier reading.

Active research topics

Ring vortex colissions and the turbulent cascade

Convective turbulence: Taylor-Couette and Rayleigh-Bénard flow

How alive is turbulence?

Numerical algorithms for the simulation of turbulent flows

Inactive/Finished research topics

Olefaction and the fluid mechanics of the nose

PhD Thesis

Research Topic

For my PhD thesis I studied turbulence in Taylor-Couette flow using numerical simulations. Taylor-Couette flow is used as basic models when trying to understand the behaviour of more complicated natural or man-made flows, for example, as a basic model for many shear flows, going from the astrophysical scale -accretion disks around protostars- to the flow around a jetski's hull. So even if Taylor-Couette flow is an easy system to construct and simulate, it finds applicability in many places and still not all is known about it.

My thesis, titled "Highly turbulent Taylor-Couette flow: direct numerical simulations" can be downloaded from the University of Twente library. A list of the papers published during my PhD is available in the research section.