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4320, Leeland St., #19, 
Houston, Tx-77023 
 Home Phone: (281)- 414- 5575
Work Phone: (713)-743-0122
Email: sumana.raghuram@gmail.com

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Sumana (Su - Ma- na) : 
origin: Sanskrit ; meaning:  Good Natured

I am currently pursuing a Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering at the University of Houston. My area of work is Optimization and Logistics. Originally from the city of Bangalore, India, I moved to Houston in 2005 to pursue my masters degree. 
About me
Born to Mr. S.N.Raghuram & Mrs. Thara Raghuram in Bangalore, India, I come from a Kannadiga family with people from various professions, ranging from businessmen to music directors, actors to software professionals, and teachers to management gurus. Being a part of this family has helped me appreciate the various facets of life and has made me a highly independent and courageous individual, eager to embrace any challenge that I am faced with. I have had the privilege of studying in some of the top institutions in the state of Karnataka. With a sound family backing and support from friends, I came to the United States to pursue my higher studies. Living in the United States has helped me explore my potential to the fullest. I learn from every experience of mine and I am continuously evolving as an individual. This website is about me and experiences. 
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