Who are we?

The research activities of our group focus on developing mechanics theories to study the complex behaviors of materials, including composite materials, shape memory materials, and biomaterials. These materials are often inherited with complicated microstructures and characteristics, such as heterogeneity, anisotropy, non-linear constitutive behavior, multi-phases and phase transformation, multi-functionality, growth, remodel, and various coupling effects with residual stresses. A sound theory for such materials requires clear understanding of physics as well as utilization of various mathematical tools.

Our research also embraces studying various phenomena exhibited by materials or material systems, that are of special theoretical and practical interests. These include instability, bifurcation, and dynamic response of materials and structures. An example is the initiation and development of aneurysms in blood vessels. Not only is this phenomenon rich in mechanical and mathematical characters, it is a long standing research topic in biomedicine with important clinic significance.

The research of group members involves theoretical, experimental, and numerical investigations. Working in various projects in Mechanics, Materials Science and Applied Mathematics, we strive for advancing our basic understanding in these areas.

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