Ali Khosravi Kamrani, Ph.D., P.E.

213 Engineering Building 2

uhholderThe University of Houston

Houston, TX 77204-4008

Tel: 713.743.4192

Fax: 713.743.4190




Current Academic Positions

  • Systems Engineering
  • Innovation and Technological Innovations
  • CAD and Geometric Modeling
  • Modularity and Mass Customization
  • Design and Manufacturing Complexity Analysis
  • Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing
  • Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
  • Autonomous Robotics and Control


fpj1fznx[1]Published Books


Professional Functions and Journal Editorship


  • Editor In Chief, International Journal of Collaborative Enterprise, Inderscience Publishing.
  • Editor In Chief, International Journal of Rapid Manufacturing, Inderscience Publishing.
  • Series Co-editor, Engineering and Management Innovation, AUERBACH Publications, Taylor and Francis Group.
  • Editorial Board, International Journal of Industrial Engineering; Theory Application and Practice.
  • Associate Editor, International Journal of Intelligent Automation and Soft Computing, TSI Enterprise.

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