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About Our Research

Physics and Chemistry of Polymers.

Our research is focused on the design and characterization of functional polymer films. Our work can be applied to semiconductor device manufacturing, membranes, advanced coatings, and low-cost plastic electronics. The following paragraphs introduce several core thrusts in our group.

Projection Lithography.

We are studying polymer imaging materials for optical lithography, which is a technique used for patterning microelectronics. The goals of this program are to measure the reaction kinetics of pattern formation, build process models that incorporate ultra-thin film properties, and develop high-throughput screening methods for new materials.

Block Copolymer Self-Assembly.

We are studying block copolymer self-assembly for nanopatterning and water purification. The goals of this program are to understand self-assembly in solution, thick films, and thin films (confinement). We place a strong emphasis on tuning interfacial properties to control the self-assembly process.

Thin Film Physics.

We have several ongoing projects that focus on the fundamental physics of polymers in thin films. These studies include directed dewetting on surfaces, suppressing phase separation in thin film blends, architectural contributions to thin film phase behavior, and functional coatings based on polymer brushes.


Recent Publications (2016)
  • Publication in Polymer reports the design of surface-active bottlebrush copolymer additives (collaboration with Rafael Verduzco, Rice University).
  • Publication in JPSB describes radiation damage in thin polymer films from grazing-incidence X-ray scattering experiments.
  • Publication in Macromolecules reports the synthesis and properties of poly- and oligo-pentacenes (lead by Luis Campos, Columbia University).
  • Publication in JPSB measures 3D defectivity in perpendicular lamellar phases.
  • Publication in EPJ examines ordering of lamellar copolymers on silanized silicon wafers.

April 2016
  • Congrats to Minnie on her MS defense!

March 2016
  • Adeline and David present at the Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society!

February 2016
  • Gila speaks at the Annual Meeting of the Adhesion Society.
  • Adeline wins the SPE Thermoplastic Materials & Foams Division scholarship for graduate student research!
  • Adeline wins an Honorable Mention at the SPE Polyolefins poster contest!


Dr. Gila Stein

  • Associate Professor of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, 2015-Present.
  • Joint appointments with the Chemistry Department and Materials Program, 2012-Present.
  • Ernest J. and Barbara M. Henley Assistant Professor of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, 2009-2015.
  • NRC-NIST Postdoctoral Fellow, 2007-2008
  • Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, University of California, Santa Barbara, 2006
  • B.S. Chemical Engineering, Drexel University, 2002

E-mail: gestein "at sign"

Graduate Students

Adeline Mah

  • B.S. Chemistry, University of Houston, December 2012
  • Research Interests: Lithography, surface chemistry, biosensors
  • E-mail: huizhen89 "at sign"

David Truong

  • B.S. Chemical Engineering, Clemson University, May 2013
  • Research Interests: Block copolymers, membranes.
  • E-mail: pvtruong29 "at sign"

UH Graduate Alumni

  1. Dr. Suchanun Moungthai, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, August 2012. (Intel)
  2. Dr. Ginusha Perera, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, December 2012. (Intel)
  3. Dr. Nikhila Mahadevapuram, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, May 2014. (Intel)
  4. Saeed Ahmadi Vaselabadi, M.S. Chemical Engineering, May 2014.
  5. Dr. Indranil Mitra, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, May 2015. (Intel)
  6. Dr. Abhijit Patil, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, May 2015. (Applied Materials)
  7. Minnie Lahoti, M.S. Chemical Engineering, May 2016.

UH Undergraduate Alumni

  1. Thao Dinh, B.S. Chemical Engineering, May 2011
  2. Thai Vu, B.S. Chemical Engineering, May 2011
  3. Trang Pham, B.S. Chemical Engineering, December 2011
  4. Gus Rajaendran, B.S. Chemical Engineering, May 2012
  5. Loc Ngo, B.S. Chemical Engineering, May 2012
  6. Adeline Mah, B.S. Chemistry, December 2012
  7. Sean Hensarling, B.S. Chemical Engineering, May 2013
  8. Xidong Lin, B.S. Chemistry, May 2014
  9. Xiao Li, B.S. Chemical Engineering (ECUST), May 2015
  10. Pantea Afzali, B.S. Chemical Engineering, Dec 2015 (expected)
  11. Hanh Phan, B.S. Chemical Engineering, May 2017 (expected)
  12. Salima Charania, B.S. Chemical Engineering, May 2016 (expected)
  13. Kokila Jayasekera, B.S. Chemical Engineering, May 2017 (expected)
  14. Paul Gallego, B.S. Chemical Engineering, May 2016 (expected)
  15. Clint Kirchhoff, B.S. Chemical Engineering, May 2016 (expected)
  16. Andrew Ma, B.S. Chemical Engineering, May 2018 (expected)

REU Alumni

  1. Makenzie Dixon, Trinity University, Summer 2009
  2. Amara Enemuo, City College of New York, Summer 2009
  3. Leslie Scrof, Louisiana State University, Summer 2010
  4. Alona Bozhchenko, Rice, Summer 2011
  5. Mukund Kabra, University of Minnesota, Summer 2015


  1. Akil Chittaluru, Klein Oak High School, Summer 2011
  2. Steven Tsai, St. Mark's School of Texas, Summer 2012
  3. Mukund Kabra, Colleyville Heritage High School, Summer 2013


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Book Chapters
  1. G.E. Stein, ``Scattering methods for thin polymer films,'' In Functional Polymer Films: Characterization and Applications, R. Advincula, W. Knoll, Eds.; Wiley-VCH: Weinheim, 2011, pp. 669-694.


Research Experiences for Undergraduates

The theme of our REU program is Innovations in Nanotechnology.


Girls Reaching And Demonstrating Excellence, Summer 2011

Materials Day

Participants from North Shore High School, January 2012

Mars Rover Day

Participants from Houston area middle schools, January 2012