Materials Day Program

In collaboration with Sarah Castillo at the North Shore High School, we organized a materials program for junior and senior high school students from the North Shore High School. The students came to the University of Houston to do hands-on experiments and demonstrations related to various stypes of materials (polymers, crystals, and colloids). The students also had the opportunity to meet current undergraduate and graduate Chemical Engineering students to learn more about the University of Houston. In addition to our laboratory, other groups from the Chemical Engineering Department participated, including the Rimer, Conrad, and Stein Groups.


For a full photo album from January 2012, click here.


Mars Rover Celebration

During the Mars Rover Celebration at the University of Houston, elementary and middle school students participate in the design and construction of a model of a Mars Rover to carry out a specific scientific mission on the suface of Mars. The students also have the opportunity to participate in science demonstrations and hands-on experiments with various volunteers from the University of Houston. Our laboratory, along with the Stein and Conrad Groups, conducted hands-on polymers experiments with the elemenary and middle school students.


For a full photo album from January 2011, click here.

For a full photo album from January 2012, click here.





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