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The clean room located in Science and Engineering Research Complex (SERC) is equipped with instruments and tools for nano/micro device prototyping and characterization. This facility hosts a 3,000 square feet class 100 space and 800 square feet class 10 space.

  • FEI XL-30FEG SEM equiped with NPGS (nanopattern generation system)
  • FEI 235 Dual-Beam Focused Ion-beam System
  • AJA UHV multi-source sputtering system
  • Bosch high vacuum sputtering system
  • Oxford Plasma Lab 80 Plus RIE
  • Oxford Plasma Lab 100 RIE
  • Oxford Plasma Lab ICP 180 RIE
  • Kasper Mask Aligner
  • Alpha-Step 200 Profilometer
  • Custom High-Rate Ion Mill
  • Brewer Cee 200 Spin Coater
  • Gaertner Ellipsometer
  • Solvant (3) and Acid (1) Exhausted Wet Benches