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·         Professor Awarded Grant From Leading Semiconductor Producer, College News, Nov 5, 2008

During the next two years, Brankovic will use the money to further research into the electrodeposition of magnetically soft, high magnetic moment alloys. The process is used in the manufacturing of magnetic recording heads, micro-electromechanical and nano-electromechanical systems, among the main products produced for the magnetic recording industry. Through his research, the same process could also be an alternative technique to producing semiconductor devices at a low-cost, utilizing technology already adapted to industrial production.

·         Grant to Benefit Nano-Magnetic Research Effort, The Daily Cougar , September 9, 2008

National Science Foundation gave UH assistant professor of Electrical Engineering Stanko Brankovic the grant to further his study of magnetic-sensing nanodevices. These devices could detect magnetic fields emanating from land mines and help doctors diagnose medical conditions.

·         Professors to Develop Novel Magnetic Field Sensor Technology, College News , July 30, 2008

Stanko Brankovic, assistant professor of electrical engineering, has received a $500,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to fund a transformative concept using electrochemical nanofabrication that would allow the development of devices smaller than 10 nanometers.

·          Professor Receives Grant for Fuel Cell Catalyst Research , College News , May 2, 2008

We will be able to design more catalysts at less cost using less of the noble metals , such as platinum, ruthenium, and palladium.