The Integrated Circuits and Microsystems Research Group at the University of Houston conducts research in mixed-signal and RF/mmW integrated circuits and systems, analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog data converters, high-speed serial link circuits and systems, and circuits and systems for computing, sensing and imaging, and physics experiments.

  • Development of Wireless Networking Testbed and Emulator (WiNeTestEr)
  • MEMS-Switched Acoustic Delay-Line Microsystems for Advanced Ultrasonic Imaging
  • A Novel Wireless Power Transmission Architecture for Devices Implanted in Human Bodies
  • Acquisition of Instrumentation for High-Speed/Rad-Hard Optical Electronics Design and Testing
  • Digitally Assisted Multi-Standard RF Receiver and Continuous-Time Sigma-Delta A/D Converter for Wireless Base Stations
  • Low-Jitter Wideband Digital PLL and 16 Gbps Digital PLL-based CDR with Inductor-Coupled Wideband DCO
  • Probing Effect of Defects on Ferroelectricity in Ferroelectric Thin Films
  • Low-Jitter PVT-Compensated Wideband LC-VCO PLL for Multi-Protocol Serial Links
  • Low-Power and High-Speed SerDes and Clock and Data Recovery Circuits for Harsh Radiation and Temperature Environments
  • Mixed-Signal and RF Integrated Circuits and Multi-band RF Transceiver for Harsh Radiation and Temperature Environments
  • Noncontact Ultrasonic Battery Charging System for Implanted Medical Devices
  • High-Speed Digitizer for Remote Sensing
  • Radiation-Tolerant High-Speed CMOS Imager for Accelerator Beam Diagnostics
  • RFI Mitigating Receiver Backend for Radiometers
  • Students Improving Ultralight Balloon Technology for Auroral and Stratospheric Studies
  • High-Sampling Rate Data Converters for Reconfigurable Phased Array Applications
  • Picosecond Timing Measurement Integrated Circuits for Particle Physics Experiments
  • High-Speed Optical Data Link