Stuart Long, Ph.D., P.E.
Candidate for IEEE Region 5 Director-Elect
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IEEE Accomplishments

I served as Society Liaison on the Region 5 Executive Committee and opened up lines of communications to societies to facilitate greater interaction between Technical Activities (TAB) and Regional Activities (RAB) and with local Chapters.
I was TAB Magazine Chair during the time that several societies began the move from newsletters to magazines. Their strong magazine presence today illustrates the success of those activities.

I have been AP-S Meetings Coordinator for a number of years over which attendance has doubled and revenue from conferences has increased even more dramatically.
I was a member of the initial Periodicals Review Committee at the time that new rules and standards were being implemented. These efforts have resulted in higher quality publications across the Institute.

I have served on the Audit Committee recently at the time of many entities moving to concentration banking and the installation of more comprehensive monitoring of monetary accounts. This has resulted in better financial practices throughout IEEE.
While a member of the Educational Activities Board, I have concentrated on pre-university activities and the development of new Expert Now modules which benefit all members through on-line continuing education.