Prof. Selvamanickam's Research Group

Reel-to-reel Magnetron sputtering system :

We have available a r.f. magnetron sputtering system with reel-to-reel substrate handling. The reel-to-reel system enables continuous deposition of moving tapes which is very beneficial for conducting multiple deposition experiments under different conditions in the same run as well as to fabricate longer sample lengths. The system has capability of thin film deposition up to temperature of 800 C.

Second Reel-to-reel Magnetron sputtering system :

A second reel-to-reel buffer sputtering system is present for deposition of MgO and LMO buffer layers over the IBAD film as well as to create nanodots atop the LMO surface. It consists of a 30 cm long r.f. magnetron source and 7.5 cm diameter twin magnetron sputtering source (for reactive sputtering). These sources are located in two separate chambers and so two layers can be deposited sequentially. Epitaxial growth can be conducted at temperatures up to 850�C.

Co-sputtering system :